Trump: from rags to riches


di Giulia Mantovan

In the ‘20s American people were living the great American Dream. Nowadays that dream is gone. Or, at least, it was. Obama is an example of the existence of this living Dream. Born as a simple person he became the POTUS. And so is the new one.

Donald Trump has just become the new President Of The United States starting from nowhere. Born in Queens he grew up in a strict middle-class-family and at 13 years old he was sent to military school to be straightened out because his father discovered a switchblade in Donald’s bedroom.

In 1971, three years after graduating from college, he moved into an apartment in Manhattan. As said from a BBC journalist he was “a suburban boy, an outsider on the Upper East Side but his audacity astonished many developers there”. Eleven years later he built the Trump Tower, now an iconic feature of Manhattan skyline.


In 1987 he published his first successful book ‘The Art of the Deal’ that made Trump even richer and made him renowned even out of New York as an excellent businessman. His second book, ’The Art of the Comeback’, was published in 1997 and it told the story of how he overcame his debts after the terrible knock out that 90s had been for him, culminate with his father’s death.

Trump soon raised from the ashes and started doing politics, ending in 2016 at being elected POTUS.

He has lived the great American Dream and he wants ‘America great again’ making people believe in this Dream more than ever.

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